WARNING SIGNS aid stranded motorists (Dec, 1953)

Um… What exactly am I supposed to push there?

WARNING SIGNS aid stranded motorists. They read: Caution, Out Of Gas, Stalled, Need Help. Signs, are luminous and fit into trunk.

Sunset Mfg., Los Angeles.

  1. Buddy says: October 22, 20073:20 am

    I like the babe. Foxy!

  2. mrchurchill109 says: October 22, 20078:49 am

    Well, there’s one serious underwire pushbutton right by the sign…8)

  3. Blurgle says: October 22, 20079:21 am

    For some strange reason, I can’t get “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-lot out of my mind.

  4. D. W. Proctor says: December 18, 200911:16 am

    Would like to use the photograph “Stalled: Please Push” in a conference presentation. Will use the photo in a conference proceedings paper and as a conversation starter for a 90 minute round table discussion on Women’s Leadership issues.

    Please send me permission to use this photo in higher education settings in a return email. If this website cannot provide this permission, direct me to one that can.

    Dr. Deborah W. Proctor
    [email protected]
    651-649-5935 (work)

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