Washington Family Will Tour Nation in Hollow Log Placed on Wheels (Jun, 1931)

Washington Family Will Tour Nation in Hollow Log Placed on Wheels

CYRUS T. GATES of Deming, Washington, has just completed a novel home on wheels in which he and his family plan to tour the nation. This motor home consists of a large spruce log, hollowed out and mounted on the chassis of a large Chevrolet truck. The log, which is fourteen feet long and eight feet across at the butt end, was hollowed out almost entirely by hand. An electric drill was used at both ends to start the hole, and then a small electric band saw was used to saw out small sections which were split out with iron bars flattened and sharpened at one end. The sides and ceiling were cut round, with a flat section left for the floor.

Two bands of steel are fastened around the log to prevent cracking as it dries out. Bunks that will fold into the wall have been added, while a complete kitchen is installed at the rear.

  1. jayessell says: December 24, 200912:20 pm

    “Come and listen to my story about a man named Cyrus…
    Something something something… ”
    Nothing rhymes with ‘Cyrus’!

  2. Charlie says: December 24, 200912:40 pm

    Iris and Virus!

  3. Firebrand38 says: December 24, 20091:44 pm

    Apparently Mr. Gates was quite the pillar of the community. http://wagenweb.org/wha…

    Passed away 26 Feb 1946 http://familytreemaker…. I hope he finished the tour.

  4. Tuckeroo says: December 24, 20092:01 pm

    Now if only Richard Heene had done this instead, he may have gotten the reality show he wanted and not be in so much trouble.

  5. blueferretdog says: December 24, 200910:39 pm

    Maybe they can pull this with it http://dornob.com/liter…

  6. Beagledad says: December 31, 20092:06 pm

    I don’t know what the big deal is. I see these on the road all the time out here in the Pacific Northwest. Only now it’s hard to find 8-foot diameter trees, so the family has to squeeze into a trailer two feet wide.

  7. GaryM says: January 4, 201010:43 am

    jayessell: Inspire us, fire us, tire us.

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