Called the world’s tiniest talking machine, a miniature phonograph has been built into the case of a watch. When wound by the watch stem, a small spring mechanism turns a midget record. Sound is reproduced through a diminutive horn.

  1. Stannous says: April 5, 20071:05 pm

    An i-Phonograph!

  2. Renan says: April 5, 20072:20 pm

    How many seconds of sound would the mini record hold?

  3. Charlie says: April 5, 20072:31 pm

    I think you could get the beginning of a ringtone.

  4. Grandma says: October 11, 20079:37 am

    Dats how I bling it!!
    I remember when those came out.

  5. KimotoCat says: June 1, 20081:16 pm

    This is just about the greatest invention since the wheel…
    No seriously – Just think about how this marvel was received in it’s time!

  6. ??? ??? ??? ??(?) « foog says: January 24, 20114:12 pm

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