Water Glider Floats on Rollers (Jul, 1932)

Water Glider Floats on Rollers

POWERED by a 9 horsepower motor, the novel water glider shown in the photo below attained a speed of 140 kilometers an hour in a recent test at Suresnes, near Paris. The boat is buoyed on three barrel-shaped floats which revolve when craft is in motion. Propeller attachment mounted in front of boat adds to the pulling power of the motor.

  1. LightningRose says: June 25, 20082:46 pm

    There’s no way that thing could go that fast!

  2. JMyint says: June 25, 20084:36 pm

    July of 1932 would have been the time Kaye Don was setting records on Loch Lomand with Miss England III. I’m thinking someone got confused?

  3. K!P says: June 27, 20081:08 am

    that fast with only 9 HP? why isnt it used annymore? 😀

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