Waterproof Sand Exhibited (Mar, 1938)

Waterproof Sand Exhibited

W/ATERPROOF sand constituted one of the many marvels of modern chemistry exhibited at a Chemical Industries Exposition recently staged in New York, N. Y. In a convincing test demonstration, water was passed through a series of curves in the chemically treated sand without becoming even partially absorbed.

  1. Anne says: September 15, 20084:42 pm

    If I remember correctly, you can make this by spraying normal sand with Scotch Guard a number of times, letting it dry completely and then stirring the sand around to remix it before the next application.

    I think the resulting mixture is called ‘moon sand’?

    It’s pretty cool to see this stuff at work in YouTube videos.

  2. jayessell says: September 16, 20086:48 pm

    It sinks in water but piles up in weird shapes?

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