WE FIT FAT MEN (Sep, 1955)

We SPECIALIZE in large-size men’s clothing. Sizes 44 to 72 and 17 to 22 fitted perfectly from America’s LARGEST STOCK of BIG MEN’S shirts, slacks, suits, pajamas, etc. Top quality at low prices, so send for your NEW BIG CATALOG NOW. It shows EVERYTHING for the big man . . . and it is FREE!
Dept. 817, 121 Summer St., Boston 10, Mass.

  1. the cool guy says: August 19, 200611:13 am

    This was the era before zip codes and political correctiveness.

  2. Richard Smith says: May 25, 20097:20 pm

    I’d like a tee shirt that has this ad on it!

  3. tolis says: January 28, 20109:28 am

    hallo, i will like to have gatalog only for big size. i am interest to buy some clothes to see the guality(sampels).thanks.

  4. Don says: January 28, 201011:29 am

    tolis, fire up your time machine and go get some from Burns Martin. While you’re there, bring some back for me, OK?

  5. Patti Wasserman says: February 12, 20123:08 pm

    OMG! This was my dad’s store. It was one of the first stores for big and tall men. He also had one in Minneapolis. From here, he went into the mail order business for big and tall men. I was so shocked to see this!

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