We have more good family programs than ABC, NBC and CBS combined (Nov, 1985)

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We have more good family programs than ABC, NBC and CBS combined

You’ve taped every episode of the Bill Cosby Show. Twice.

You’ve flipped through the channels so often that it’s worn the decals off your remote control.

And your eight-year-old just came downstairs wearing 12 of your best gold necklaces and asked you to give him a Mohawk haircut, fool!

If those are recurring plot themes around your house, maybe it’s time you looked into an Apple® lie Personal Computer.

It can run over 10,000 different programs, the world’s largest library of personal computer software. So no matter what anyone in the family wants to do, an Apple lie can help them do it.

You can manage your personal finances with programs like Dollars and Sense and Tax Preparer.

Pop a program like AppleWorks into its disk drive, and you’ve got an integrated spreadsheet, word processor and data base to help you catch up with your work at home.

Or you can select from thousands of specialized programs for doctors, lawyers, contractors, farmers, brokers, screenwriters or just about any other legitimate business.

And the Apple lie is a compact version of the computer that’s used in schools more than all other computers combined—the Apple lie.

So, unlike TV, it can teach kids more valuable lessons than how to drive a car through the side of a building without getting a scratch.

Of course, the Apple lie isn’t all work and no play. In fact, it can provide greater fun, adventure and excitement than the networks during the new season premieres.

There are programs that let you travel space, solve mysteries, explore jungles, become an instant millionaire, get elected president and save the world.

And an Apple lie is easier to set up than the average VCR. Just take it out of the box, plug in two cords and you’re ready to compute.

Plus you can just as easily add things like our new Image-Writer II printer, ColorMonitor II, Apple Personal Modem, mouse and external disk drive.

To see everything an Apple IIc can do live and in person, visit any authorized Apple dealer.

While they may not have all 10,000 software packages on hand, you’ll find plenty of programs the whole family will want to run.

And rerun.

© 1985 Apple Computer, Inc. Apple and the Apple logo are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. AppleWorks, ImageWriter and UniDisk are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Dollars and Sense is a trademark of Monogram. Tax Preparer is a trademark of Howard Software Services. For an authorized Apple dealer near you call (800) 538-9696.

In Canada, call (800) 268- 7796 or (800) 268-7637.

  1. jon says: May 9, 20111:38 pm

    I like how “IIe” got OCR’d as “lie”, seems prophetic somehow.

  2. Toronto says: May 9, 20111:58 pm

    Hey, wait – Bill Cosby shilled for TI, not Apple.

  3. Rick Auricchio says: May 9, 20115:07 pm

    Jon: What’s worse, it should have said IIc in all places. So the OCR got it really wrong…

  4. carlm says: May 10, 201112:43 am

    Apple II Forever! That was the Apple lie Kept my Apple IIgs until 1997. Apple pretty much dropped any support for the Apple II line at that point.

  5. Stephen says: May 10, 20113:35 am

    The Apple II range was never very successful in Britain – we had various home-grown computers – but I used an ImageWriter II with a Macintosh Plus in the early 90s. The screech of the dot-matrix printer is to today’s children a sound as outdated as the puffing of a steam engine.

  6. Mike says: May 10, 20114:05 am

    Stephen, I still occasionally see dot matrix printers in use, mostly in places that need duplicate carbon copy type forms printed out. The dot matrix printer being an impact printer prints several pages at once. I also have seen them at airport terminal gates, the ticket agent prints out a copy of a passenger list and brings it into the pilot. That has more to do with an older computer system.

    I had a box of tractor feed paper I found in the house, I took off the tractor feeds to use it as paper in the ink jet printer.

  7. Stan says: May 10, 201112:49 pm

    Title is wrong, it is “than” no “to”. Funny, Apple still does, iTunes you can get everything without commercials, much better than ABC, NBC, and CBS combined.

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