We read and write your business language and translate it into savings! (Dec, 1961)

We read and write your business language and translate it into savings!

Today, integrated A-M methods transmit vital business information faster, regardless of the “language” or system you use. It may be via Addressograph metal or plastic plates or bar code. It may be “just plain English” reproduced by Multilith’ masters. Or MICR type, punched cards, paper tape, or the impulses of magnetic tape. One example: the strange-looking numbers on the checks you carry were probably imprinted in magnetic ink by Multilith Offset — reducing posting errors, saving hours of clerical time. Another: that Addressograph credit card you use to buy gasoline imprints bar code right on the sales slip. It’s then “read” by an Addressograph electronic scanner at central processing headquarters… feeding accurate data direct to accounting. Costs cut again! A-M equipment also extends the savings of computers and other high speed data processing installations. It helps break the input bottleneck, multiplies output to speed communication — makes such installations really pay off! Talk to your nearby A-M representative about how modern A-M methods can translate your business language into new savings!

Addressograph-Multigraph Corporation

  1. Toronto says: March 15, 20107:40 am

    Ha! I just found an old 9-track reel tape (480′ – about 10 Megabytes at 1600 bpi) in my closet this weekend, marked “Games.” Maybe the fine folks at Addressograph can read it for me and stick it on a CD.

  2. Charlene says: March 15, 20103:06 pm

    Looks like the company’s gone through numerous splits and mergers since this date:


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