Remember, the dapper man always wears a suit when burninating his vines.


Easy to carry from place to place, a weed burner solves the problem of clearing land. It throws a fan-shaped flame that mushrooms against the ground, stone wall or rock pile to “melt” every growing plant within its range. One model of the burner is self-contained for one-man operation. It has a tank that holds oil for one and one-half hours” work. The handle is constructed for attachment of a shoulder strap or webbing to facilitate carrying. Thetorch also can be used for sterilizing poultry houses, dog kennels and stables.

  1. Jim Dunn says: March 25, 20081:21 pm

    Hehe. Maybe he was the real-life inspiration for Oliver Wendell Douglas on “Green Acres.”

  2. nlpnt says: March 25, 20082:01 pm

    That suit was probably all-wool, which is fireproof. Not the last word in fireproof-ness, even ing 1935- that would’ve been asbestos- but better than cotton denim.

  3. Rick Auricchio says: March 25, 20083:49 pm

    But what of the necktie!

  4. Wade George says: March 25, 20085:06 pm

    Damn, I want one of those for clearing snow, I’m sick of shoveling!

  5. Larry says: March 26, 20081:55 am

    try the local home depot. they have many weed burners and snow melters.

  6. Jeff says: March 27, 20089:26 am

    Please, oh please, someone make a pyro mod for Team Fortress 2 that looks like this.

  7. Jondo says: April 9, 20089:26 pm

    This should be in the “ahead of it’s time” section … these exist today as a proven method of weed control

  8. Eliyahu says: May 15, 20083:43 pm

    No wonder I can’t keep the weeds down in my garden… I usually wear old clothes instead of a suit and tie…

  9. Nyxie says: June 8, 20109:24 pm

    Agree this should be in ‘Ahead of its Time’ category – they sell them under the name Weed Dragon, and they are far, far too much fun…

  10. Inflatable T Rex says: August 6, 201012:00 pm

    Oh my God! The Pyro is a man!

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