Weeds Shot With Electric Pistol (Nov, 1935)

Weeds Shot With Electric Pistol

WEEDS that mingle with the lawn grass have long proven obstinate foes to combat, yielding to most garden instruments only at the expense of considerable turf. Now, however, a new weapon has been devised which electrocutes them instantly.

The weed electrocutor is built like a pistol, the barrel of which terminates in a sharp point. The point is jabbed into the tap root of the doomed weed, and a charge of electricity is released when the trigger is pulled. As the electric current is confined to the point only, the instrument is perfectly safe.

  1. Bob says: November 30, 20075:57 am

    Wonder if a stun gun would work, with modifications. Extend the contact points to reach the roots, put a handle on it so you could use it standing up. Handle could even hold the batteries, for longer life.

    Probably illegal in New York and California.

  2. Rick Auricchio says: November 30, 20078:41 pm

    Talk about tedium. Zapping every weed? Sheesh…

  3. Mike Brisendine says: December 1, 20076:26 am

    The perfect accessory for the Auto Gun Holder in the next article.

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