Week-End Camping Trips by Plane Becoming Popular (Aug, 1930)

Week-End Camping Trips by Plane Becoming Popular

WITH the great open spaces steadily becoming farther and farther from the cities, swifter modes of transportation have become necessary for weekend campers. The light plane, which may be safely landed on any reasonably level field or beach, has done much to solve this problem.

Sportsmen may now take off from New York and spend the week-end in the New England hills with a loss of only an hour or two going and coming. Collapsible fishing rods, pots, pans, and a few provisions are easily stored in the plane.

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  1. KHarn says: May 21, 20086:27 am

    Wasn’t the “Pacific Standard” a newspaper? I guess a newspaper owner could afford it.
    I think that the plane is a Waco, that is, if that’s an upright radiator below the wing in front of the forward cockpit.

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