Weird Anti-Racism PSA (Aug, 1949)

I’m not sure I get the analogy here. I mean I appreciate the message they are trying to get across. However it seems that if he really didn’t want to plow that acre he could just use ddt or something and kill all those dang weeds. Which I guess represent black people, or jews. Or does the soil represent a minority and the weeds represent um… bad minorities? That want to infect the pristine, weed free majority?!?

Well at least the message in the second part is clear: Speak out whenever you hear someone say they are not going to plow a field. And don’t spread rumors about dirt that is different than what you are used to.

Weeds or Crops America?

The farmer looked at his untilled acre.
“Nope,” he said, “Won’t stick a plow in there. Don’t care if it is fertile—I just don’t like the color of the soil.”

So the weeds grew rank and spread their seeds to his other acres, fouling his cotton and stunting his corn. And his harvest was poor.
There are some who would do the same for America. They would neglect the cultivation of the minds of young growing Americans. They would set them apart, deny them equal advantages …

… because of their race, their name or their religion.

Stupid, isn’t it, that anyone should want a weedy harvest?

For our own sake —for America’s sake, we can all do three things to help the cause of unity:

1. Accept —or reject— people on their individual worth.
2. Don’t listen to, or spread, rumors against a race, or a religion.
3. Speak up wherever we are, against prejudice, and work for understanding.

Remember –

Post this message in a public place.
Extra copies free.
Write Advertising Council, Dept. T-35,
25 West 45th Street. New York 19. N. Y.

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  1. a says: July 24, 200810:34 am

    Sounds as though they are trying to say that without equality and proper attention to minority youths, the youths will grow up wrong. Than, the society that has been tended properly will be negatively impacted by these delinquents. Seems as though this is what happens in inner cities today, though that is a socioeconomic situation instead of being racial.

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