Well-Bred Parrot Uses a Spoon (Mar, 1940)

Meme makers, start your engines.

Well-Bred Parrot Uses a Spoon

Bobby, an African gray parrot, imitates the table manners as well as the conversation of his master, John Gillen, of New York City. Grasping a spoon in one claw, Bobby shovels mashed potatoes and strawberry shortcake into his beak in the best society manner. Between spoonfuls, he entertains with table talk.

  1. qyooqy says: July 26, 20114:18 pm

    OK Polly, Now hold that spoon steady. Crap! Where did I put my lighter?!

  2. Hirudinea says: July 26, 20114:38 pm

    A parrot snorting cocaine, man I miss the 70’s.

  3. C.H. says: July 27, 201112:05 pm

    I will hold this spoon one more time…. Just ONE, and never again.

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