Westinghouse Electric: How the Modern Woman Sews (Sep, 1914)

Westinghouse Electric: How the Modern Woman Sews

YOU may sometimes hear women accused of being slow to take up the modern household improvements—yet consider how many are adopting the sewing machine motor.

All that is necessary is to let women see the motor and test for themselves its superiority and ease of operation. In no case where it has been placed on her machine for demonstration has a woman permitted the removal of the Westinghouse Electric Sewing Machine Motor.

Notice how simply it works. You sit down at your sewing: machine and turn an electric switch. Then you place your foot on the treadle and press lightly. The sewing machine starts. As you increase your foot pressure, the sewing machine speeds up as fast as you care to sew.

The Westinghouse Electric Sewing Machine Motor is so well built that it wears and runs as long as your sewing machine. It can be fastened to the machine without the use of screws or tools and will not mar the table even if removed.

Write us for the name of an Electric Light Company or a dealer who will demonstrate the motor in your home. No obligation to buy. But you will want the motor when you see the work it does. Please write Dept. DF.

Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co.

East Pittsburgh, Penn.

Sales Offices in 45 American Cities
Representatives all over the World

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