What a difference Cantilever Shoes make (Mar, 1922)

What a difference Cantilever Shoes make

“Oh, come along.”

But Dorothy dropped back limply in her chair. “My feet hurt, Peggy. Honestly, I feel just all in.”

Peggy kept Bess from leaving, then went at Dorothy again. “You’ve been shopping with us not two hours and here you are, letting your feet spoil your fun.”

“I guess if your feet hurt the way-mine do, you—”

“They used to, Dorothy,” Peggy interrupted, “only I did something about it. My feet used to throb like a toothache. They spoiled ever so many good times. I was getting to be a real grouch, when Bess got me into Cantilevers.

“And look at Bess! She took a long tramp this morning, she’s been shopping with us, but—can you see her missing this tea and the dancing tonight? Indeed she won’t! She’s been wearing Cantilever Shoes most all the time and never has a bit of foot trouble. She took the physical director’s advice at college, like most of the other girls.

“You’ll just love Cantilevers, Dorothy, they’re such good form and so good-looking. See how neat and trim ours are. And while you’re feeling wretched, tired, just all in, we re up and ready for anything. Dorothy, I can’t begin to tell you what comfort Cantilevers are— they make you feel full of pep.”

Dorothy squirmed, but she could think of nothing to say.

The following morning three girls entered the nearest Cantilever Store. From that time on, Dorothy was to realize what a difference Cantilever Shoes make in one’s enjoyment of everything.

***** And why shouldn’t every girl, every woman of any age, enjoy the supreme foot comfort that Cantilevers give? They fit like a soft glove. The ordinary shoe seldom fits the arch of the foot. A stiff shank will not conform to the curve of your foot arch, nor will it flex with your arch in walking. Cantilevers do both.

When you lace Cantilevers, the flexible shanks fit right snuggy under both arches and support them, not like a crutch, but gently and completely, without any restraint, giving perfect circulation and freedom. Your feet feel light and springy.

Stop wearing tight shoes that weaken the muscles and ligaments of your feet. Wear Cantilevers and bring your feet back to life. Go to the nearest dealer now for a fitting.

If no dealer listed at the left is near you, write to the manufacturers, Morse & Burt Co., 7 Carlton Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y., for the address of a nearby dealer and a copy of the Cantilever Shoe Booklet which everyone ought to read.

Cantilever Shoe

  1. Toronto says: April 28, 20119:11 pm

    I love how earnest this is. And “the Cantilever Shoe Booklet which everyone ought to read.”

    How did that fall off my spring reading list?

  2. John says: April 28, 20119:41 pm

    Apparently the company is still around http://www.youtube.com/…

  3. xritl says: May 1, 20119:26 pm

    She took a long tramp this morning…

    …if you know what I mean.

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