BY taking this test, you tan measure your sex knowledge. Check whether the answer to each statement should be True or False. Compare your answers with the correct answers below. Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer and add the results. Your final score is your S.Q.

A score of less than 50 indicates inadequate knowledge; 50 to 60 equals good: 70 or 80 equals excellent; 90 or above equals unusually superior.

1. There is a direct relationship between male sex drive and male potency; an impotent man has no interest in sex.
2. Many women experience an increase in sexual desire and response after the change of life.
3. Masochism—the sexual deviation in which pain and suffering are important parts of the sexual relationship—is usually caused by disappointment in love.
4. Most cases of incest involve mother-son relationships.
5. The birth of quintuplets results when 1 fertilized egg splits into 5 parts and develops into 5 fetuses.
6. Sexual infantilism—immaturity and lack of development of the sex organs—-results from some failure of the pituitary gland or of the testicles or ovaries.
7. Most lesbians look, talk, act and think like men.
8. Human sex response is very much like that of animals.
9. Divorced people have little chance of making successful re-marriages.
10. Tattooed men are usually more virile than non-tattooed men.


1. false – A man can be potent and have little or no interest in sex.
2. true – The menopause is often the start of a renewed interest in sex.
3. false – Masochism is believed to arise from long-standing, deep-seated emotional disorders.
4. false – Such cases are rare; father-daughter relationships are more common.
6. false – The fertilized egg can only divide in 2 or multiples of 2 ft. true The hormones of these glands regulate the sudden normal growth of the sex organs at puberty.
7. false – As with male homosexuals, lesbians are simply women whose sex drive is directed toward individuals of their own sex.
8. false – In humans, sex response is governed largely by learned and remembered experiences, and not primarily by hormones.
9. false – According to 1 study, 95 per cent of the divorced people examined were happier in their remarriages.
10. false – A recent study indicates that tattooed men may have more difficulty in heterosexual adjustment.

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