What is your Sex Quotient? (Jan, 1959)

What is your S.Q.*?

*Sex Quotient by Mark Tarail. B.A.. M.S.

BY taking this test, you can measure your sex knowledge. Check whether the answers to each statement should be Yes or No. Compare your answers with the correct answers below. Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer and add the results. Your final score is your S.Q.

A score of less than 50 indicates inadequate knowledge; 50 to 60 equals good; 70 or 80 equals excellent; 90 or above equals unusually superior.
(YES) (NO) 1. Are most sex offenders prone to violence?
(YES) (NO) 2. Should self-gratification in children be forcibly prevented?
(YES) (NO) 3. Is sexual knowledge a matter of instinct in humans?
(YES) (NO) 4. Does impotence have a physical origin?
(YES) (NO) 5. Is vaginismus (vaginal contraction) a disease?
(YES) (NO) 6. Is infertility in women incurable?
(YES) (NO) 7. Can women have hemophilia (failure of the blood to clot)?
(YES) (NO) 8. Can first cousin marriages produce healthy children?
(YES) (NO) 9. Do women engage in “maximum sexual activity” at an earlier age than men?
(YES) (NO) 10. Are marriages between older men and younger women inevitably unsuccessful?

1. NO. Studies indicate that only five per cent of sex offenders are violent.
2. NO. Self-gratification is natural in human beings as well as animals.
3. NO. Sexual knowledge and, to a great extent, sexual adjustment are achieved through conscious sexual education. * 4. YES, sometimes. Some cases of impotence re caused by organic disease or deformities of the male reproductive organs; although in most cases the psychological factors are more prevalent.
5. NO. It is usually a psychological ailment caused by the wife’s sexual fear.
6. NO. Modern medical techniques are able to remedy a large percentage of infertility cases.
7. NO. Only men can have this ailment which is transmitted only through women.
8. YES, when the general heredity of the family has a healthy history.
9. NO. According to Kinsey’s studies, men engage in maximum sexual activity at a much earlier age than women, primarily because of social customs.
10. NO. Many such marriages are highly successful, chronological age being a minor factor in marital success.

  1. fluffy says: January 19, 20093:13 am

    The only one I take issue with now is #7 – women can have hemophilia, if they are the child of a male hemophiliac and a female carrier. It’s much more rare though, just like colorblindness.

  2. JMyint says: January 19, 20092:08 pm

    Fluffy is right on this one. If the father and mother both carriers of either the factor VIII or the factor IX deficiency they could produce a daughter with hemophilia.

    Prior to the twentieth century it was very rare for a male with hemophilia to live to reproductive age, so females with full blown hemophilia were almost unheard of. Since the acceptance of blood transfusions and the discovery of clotting factors in blood products hemophiliacs are living much longer lives and have the chance at reproducing.

    Women can also be symtomatic carriers of the genes. Meaning that they have bouts of time were their blood doesn’t clot properly.

  3. fluffy says: January 19, 20092:11 pm

    Yeah, although now that they can reproduce, I’m not sure they should, from a purely Darwinian standpoint. But who knows, maybe there’ll be some future adaptation that the lack of clotting factors provides. Like some sort of symbiotic relationship with the blood bank or something.

  4. Mike Higdon says: January 19, 20098:36 pm

    Number 6 is a little misleading. Technically, infertility is not curable by means of growing an ovary back or having a uterus replaced. Artificial insemination (I think that’s what it’s referring to) is not really a cure more than a workaround. A woman with no ovaries or damaged fallopian tubes will never be able to have children in the common fashion but she can still have children with her own eggs in her own uterus due to “medical techniques.”

  5. HemoGirl says: February 10, 20092:55 am

    Obviously having children is something we have to consider carefully, but passing a bleeding disorder on to your children is not a terrible thing. Hemophiliacs today can live long, happy lives.

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