What to look for… when you’re looking for the all-time best! (Jun, 1949)

What to look for… when you’re looking for the all-time best!

NEW 1949 GENERAL ELECTRIC Refrigerator – Home Freezer Combination

A separate refrigerator PLUS a separate home freezer.

The very finest refrigerators made today offer you the timesaving, worksaving, moneysaving advantages of having both a home freezer and a big fresh-food refrigerator in your kitchen.

That’s what you should expect in a truly de luxe refrigerator.

And that’s what you get… in the new 1949 General Electric Combination.

Look for separate compartments, separate outside doors!

Top compartment is a real home freezer, because it’s separately refrigerated, insulated all around, and has its own outside door.

A real home freezer, because it maintains zero temperature—for quick-freezing foods and ice cubes and storing up to 70 pounds of frozen foods (ten-cu-ft model) or 52 pounds (eight-cu-ft model).

A real home freezer, because its zero temperature keeps frozen foods in prime condition for as long as 12 months—four full seasons!

This is what to look for. This is what you get. in a G-E Refrigerator-Home Freezer Combination.

In lower compartment alone (either 8- or 10-cu-ft model) there is fresh-food storage space equivalent to that in the conventional 8- or 10-cu-ft refrigerator.

It is the very last word in a spacious fresh-food refrigerator. Separately refrigerated, separately insulated, and with its own outside door!

It never needs defrosting! Dishes need never be covered! Cold is moisture-conditioned. Big, deep drawers keep fruits and vegetables just right! The butter conditioner, easily accessible in door, keeps butter at proper temperature for easy, wasteless spreading!

You’ll never forget… never regret…

the day you buy this General Electric Combination. For the name GENERAL ELECTRIC means dependability . . . dependability based on an unsurpassed record for year-after-year performance.

More than 2,000,000 General Electric Refrigerators have been in service 10 years or longer!

And the chief reason, of course, is the famous General Electric sealed-in refrigerating system. Airtight and oiltight, this dependable system has never been excelled for efficient, economical operation … year in, year out.

8- and 10-cubic-foot models The General Electric Combination is available at your retailer’s in both 8- and 10-cubic-foot models —one of them just right for your household. We think you’ll agree they offer the most that’s offered in a home refrigerator today. General Electric Company, Bridgeport 2, Connecticut.

More than 2 million G-E Refrigerators in use 10 years or longer.


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