What’s ahead? (Jan, 1947)

What’s ahead?

A world of rapid changes and new economic problems, that’s certain. Just as surely, however, there’s one thing that will be unchanged. In the near future and the long future, the important positions will be held by trained men.

You want security for your family… freedom from financial worry … your own home . . . perhaps your own business. The surest route to them is specialized training that pays out in promotions and increased income.

Thousands of I.C.S. graduates have proved the truth of this. In a single 30-day period, these famous Schools have received as many as 635 student letters reporting advancements in salary and position. In a period of 120 days, we’ve recorded 1,920 such reports.

The few dollars these men and women paid for I. C. S. training have proved to be the best investments of their lives. Yon have the same opportunity. Act vow to prepare for the future. Mail the coupon for full information on practical, authoritative training in any one of more than 400 business and technical subjects.


  1. Rick Auricchio says: December 9, 200812:35 am

    Don’t they remember what they were told? “Don’t look into the blast!”

  2. Mac says: December 25, 20084:49 am

    Hi, these advertisements are beatiful. I remember these ads. I wrote to them something around 1980-1984 and they continued to send me their catalog for years! (both UK and US branches).

    I guess internet changed our whole life. This magnificent method of learning (home study and correspondence learning) fade away.

    Thank you very much for the nice job.

    By the way I created a page about “International correspondence schools” on wikipedia (strange that there was no page at all, after all they say they have had 16 million students).

    Could you possibly add one of these pictures to it (because you are the owner of the photos and they no more have copyright I guess).

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