What’s Extra Protection Worth to You? (Mar, 1948)

What exactly are the books supposed to be protecting them from?

What’s Extra Protection Worth to You?

You get more miles from your car, more life from your engine, with Casite’s extra protection.

Casite cuts engine wear because it improves lubrication—gets oil around quickly and into the tight spots. Casite retards formation of sludge and gum . . . keeps your motor clean and free-running . . . guarantees Better Motor Performance or Double-Your-Money-Back.

Get Casite today. The Casite Corporation, Hastings, Michigan, and the Casite Division, Hastings Ltd., Toronto.
75c A PINT—95c in Canada

  1. jhynck says: March 10, 20074:47 am

    The boys have gone fishing instead of going to school (see their schoolbooks). If caught they will get their a$$ whipped. So they are putting their books in their pants as a buffer.

  2. jhynck says: March 10, 20075:08 am

    The boys are skipping school to go fishing (see their school books in the belts). If they are caught they will have their a$$ whipped. So, they are putting the books in their pants to cushion the blow.

  3. galessa says: March 10, 20072:07 pm

    …or you may consider that “it improves lubrication — gets oil around quickly and into the tight spots” thing and get to some conclusions. it seems like a condom ad went nuts.

  4. Stannous says: March 10, 20077:22 pm

    Clearly they are using their Sunday School texts to protect them from a certain Colorado Evangelist…

    Oh, I forgot… he’s been ‘cured’

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