What’s it like to be a Boeing engineer? (Sep, 1952)

My favorite part is the caption: “Solving a dynamics problem with the Boeing Computer”. THE Boeing computer? What just the one? Do they all have to share?

What’s it like to be a Boeing engineer?

Boeing engineers enjoy many advantages — among them the finest re-search facilities in the industry. These include such advanced aids as the Boeing-designed, Boeing-built Electronic Analog Computer shown above.
This is part of the stimulating background that helps Boeing men maintain the leadership and prestige of an
Engineering Division that’s been growing steadily for 35 years.

If you measure up to Boeing standards, you can share that prestige. And you’ll work with renowned engineers on such vital projects as guided missiles, the still-classified B-52, the record-shattering six-jet B-47, and other outstanding developments.
There are excellent opportunities, right now, for experienced and junior engineers for aircraft
also for servo-mechanism and electronics designers and analysts and for physicists and mathematicians with advanced degrees.
You can work in Seattle, in the Pacific Northwest, or in Wichita, Kansas. You will receive a generous moving and travel expense allowance. And as a Boeing engineer, you’ll enjoy pay that is good and grows with you.
You’ll be proud to say, “I’m a Boeing engineer!”
Write today to the address below, or use the convenient coupon.
JOHN C. SANDERS, Staff Engineer—Personnel Dept. C-9
Boeing Airprane Company, Seattle 14, Wash.
Engineering opportunities at Boeing interest me. Please send me further information.
City and State___________________________

Caption: Solving a dynamics problem with the Boeing Computer; oscilloscope at right shows result.

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