What’s New (Jul, 1966)

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What’s New

TOGETHERNESS by the tubful is the latest in bathroom decor. Twin tubs were designed by Gerald and Phyllis Yellin, a Manhasset N. Y. couple who believe that cleanliness is being next to your spouse.

MUSIC typewriter has 46 characters and can copy almost any kind of musical notation. Photo shows inventor Lily Pavey of Britain using the Imperial Pavey Musigraph.

STICK-ON bullet holes that lend air of intrigue to the most prosaic buggy are on the market in England. Holes for both the glass and body panels are available.

MARKET BAG is inflatable for use as seat cushion or headrest Handy ait beach. for long-distance travel, for toting or for just loafing.

DEPTH gauge for tire treads tells you when tire is becoming too smooth to be safe. If gauge reads less than 2mm, new tire is advised.

GEOCHRON, developed by W. German teacher Tom Gottberg, tells the time in all major cities of the world. The expected price is about $25.

TEN ft tires built by B. F. Goodrich for earth mover and scraper transmit nearly a million pounds of tractive force. Tire is tubeless, 5 ft. wide and weighs 6,000 lbs.

WEST COAST kids have taken to the king-size sissy bar as a handy place to mount a headrest or hang an ornament Price is $3.50.

  1. Tracy B says: November 2, 20092:54 pm

    My spyder bicycle (stingrays were made by schwinn) which I got for christmas in 1966 didn’t have a sissy bar, but it did have a 3 speed hub. Most spyder bikes had coaster brakes; the really rich kids had a five speed spyders with a stick shift. The 5 speed bike would have to wait until early 1971 at which point I had outgrown my murray spyder.

  2. Don says: November 2, 20093:09 pm

    I got my first good bicycle in about ’69 when my best friend just HAD to have a Stingray so he sold me his year-old Gitane 10-speed. The first time we rode more than about a mile together he realized that maybe he hadn’t made such a good choice . . . .

  3. Mike says: November 2, 20094:23 pm

    The stick on bullet holes made a come back a few years ago.

  4. docca says: November 2, 20095:00 pm

    So that’s where those darned ridiculous “bullet hole” stickers come from… now available at all your local kwik-marts, newsstands and on that wonderful car that cruises in front of your home every day with over 150 decibels of pure “gangsta”, yo…

  5. nlpnt says: November 2, 20095:26 pm

    I’m not sure what’s worse, those or the stick-on Buick portholes on non-Buicks.

  6. Jari says: November 2, 20097:36 pm

    My tires have numbers imprinted in treads, that directly tells, how many millimeters there’s still left, making depth gauge obsolete.

  7. Firebrand38 says: November 2, 20098:08 pm

    Jari: That is the damnedest thing! http://www.nokiantires….

  8. Neil Russell says: November 3, 200912:01 am

    I guess the US Mint can finally do away with the Lincoln penny now that tires tell you how much tread is left. I used to just go by how much of Abe’s head was showing when you stuck a penny in the grooves.

  9. Firebrand38 says: November 3, 200912:35 am

    Neil Russell: It’s still easier to look at Abe’s head from the side then to crawl behind the tire and look for the numbers, I’m thinking.

  10. Jari says: November 3, 200912:16 pm

    Firebrand, Neil: As I have to regularly change between summer- and winter tyres, they got checked 2 times a year. And I’ll need to buy new set of winter tyres before December, as there’s only 1-2 mm tread left. They would be illegal in next month 🙂

  11. Tracy B says: November 3, 20092:53 pm

    The only thing worse than stick-on buick portholes were add-on tail fins that would make your car grander than a ’59 Caddy.

    Why would one want bullet holes, when all you have to do is drive in the wrong section of L.A. and you can get them for free.

  12. Firebrand38 says: November 3, 20093:41 pm

    Tracy B: Even worse was the fad of putting a Rolls Royce grill on a VW Beetle http://www.oldbug.com/M…
    I’m sorry to say my Dad was contemplating doing this when I was a kid. This is the same guy that made me wear a Nehru jacket to a school function. What taste!


  13. David Moisan says: November 3, 20096:57 pm

    Geochrons are still around (http://www.geochron.com…) though Geochron cites a different inventor. The clock in the article is too coincidential not to be the same product. Way more than $25 now though.

  14. Firebrand38 says: November 3, 20097:41 pm

    David Moisan: It’s not the same product. It doesn’t have the illumination but rather consists of a series of digital time displays like this example http://www.gadgetizer.c…

    The one pictured in the article is a series of counters with lists of cities over each one. Nothing “coincidental” about it.

    Here’s an analog version of the one that I’m talking about http://www.theclockdepo…

    The current version of the Geochron started with this one which looks nothing like the one in the article either http://www.google.com/p…

    (By the way, that whole different inventor thing was an important clue…)

  15. Tracy B says: November 3, 20098:51 pm

    Ah! Nehru jackets. Next there was bell-bottom pants, then finally a polyester leisure suit worn with a white belt and white shoes. Then there was folks that looked like clones of the Brady Bunch or Partridge Family.

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