What’s New for Your Home (Nov, 1950)

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What’s New for Your Home

SHOWER STALL can be set up wherever there are running water and a drain. It can be connected by garden hose. Attached to the wall with screws, the stall is made splashproof by a wrap-around curtain

HAIR DRIER is an attachment for a new vacuum cleaner. With it, you can dry your hair quickly without heat. The upright is adjustable for height

LIKE SHRIMPS? You can clean them quickly with a daggerlike plastic utensil that separates shell from meat with a single thrust

CORNER BIN makes use of usually wasted corner space in the kitchen. It has ventilating holes to prevent spoilage of fruit or vegetables and it slides out for convenient access

GUEST TOWELS of colored paper come in rolls. The dispenser fits over towel rack

CUT FLOWERS are held in place neatly by granular plastic. It is nonabsorbent

HOT TRAY snaps on skillet, allowing the grease to drain away as food is kept warm

PLASTIC POCKET keeps linen clean and wrinkle-free. Insert makes loading simple

BED that adjusts like those in the hospital lets you eat, read or relax in comfort without extra pillows and backrests. A lever cranks it up

STATIONARY WINDOW can be sealed draftlessly into the wall. The panes slide open. No weights or springs are needed

DEHUMIDIFIER that uses absorbent crystals is molded of Tenite plastic so that it can’t corrode. Water collects in base

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