What’s New for Your Home (Aug, 1950)

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What’s New for Your Home

READERS-IN-BED can read for hours without back or neck kinks by reclining on a back rest that’s hinged to the headboard. Sliding up and down like a window sash, it adjusts to any tilt Between uses, it swings back into the headboard

FAN BRACKET lets you aim the breeze where you like, even down into a tray of ice to cool the air. Its wide legs increase stability

LIPSTICK “matches” at right, won’t burn, but they will make milady sparkle. A tiny mirror inside the flap makes her retouching precise

MAGNETS in door of a refrigerator, below, hold it shut without a latch. Foot pedal opens it. Handy ice-cube tray releases one at a time

PANTS HANGER, right, relieves crowded closets, prevents wrinkles. It holds six pairs on the horizontal rods and it swings down for ready access, up for storage

GUARD RACK lets you carry any glass coffee maker and its stove with one hand. It protects glass bowls from breakage, too

STORM WINDOW, above right, has three separate units, two glass and one screen. Each moves independently in its track

SAUCE PAN, right, has holes in lid and pan rim so water can be drained without scalding hands. Lid locks in place

AUTOMATIC DISHWASHER, below right, requires no drain installation. It pumps the waste water directly into the sink

HOSE RACK keeps hose coiled neatly for storage and holds the nozzle at any angle when you are spraying the lawn

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  1. Blurgle says: May 29, 20075:58 pm

    I have one of those ice trays!

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