What’s New for Your Home (Feb, 1954)

It’s the bedazzler!

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What’s New for Your Home

1. FAT FILTER purifies and freshens cooking grease for repeated use. The filter consists of an aluminum unit that fits over shortening containers, and a chemically treated filter. The chemical counteracts fatty , acids which cause fats to turn rancid. The filter is finely woven to trap all foreign particles

2. GEM SETTER that works like a stapler permits anyone to set rhinestones or pearls in fabric. Easy and economical to use, the device works on the same principle as professional machines. A dozen complete sets of rhinestones and settings are included, and refills of rhinestones or pearls are also available

3. CHERRY PITTER removes stone from cherry at the push of a button. No hands touch the fruit, which is fed from a hopper. Sharp blades at the end of the pestle cut open the fruit and a rubber device lifts out the pit. Stones and juice fall into a glass container and the pitted cherries drop onto a plate

4. VAPOR STRIP that is fastened to an electric light bulb discharges colorless insecticide when bulb heats up, keeps area free of insects. A single strip lasts for several days. Adhesive on the back of the paper strip results in quick application. The vapor is stainless and will not harm clothing, furniture, carpets or woodwork

5. POTATO PEELER strips skin from bumpy tubers, apples, pears and hard fruit of any size. You just spear the potato on the sharp prong, turn the handle and the peeler does the rest. A strong clamp lock holds the machine firmly to the table top. Fine or coarse parings can be secured by an adjustment of the sharp cutting knife

6. ROUND THERMOSTAT can be painted or wallpapered to blend with background. Dustproof plastic cover is quickly removed. One pointer on the easy-to-read dials indicates room temperature, the other regulates the thermostat. Attractive appearance of the compact instrument allows it to be mounted at most effective position in room

7. SPRAYER which fits on the end of a garden hose dissolves a cartridge of soap or insecticide to clean the family auto or rid the garden of insect pests. Various kinds of insecticide cartridges are provided to meet particular spraying needs. Range of the sprayer is from 3 to 25 feet. A shut-off valve is mounted on the hose end

  1. Blurgle says: September 12, 20078:23 am

    I have exactly the same thermostat in my house.

  2. Stannous says: September 12, 200712:42 pm

    I have seen those clear-covered thermostats and never realized it was so that you could paint or wallpaper them.
    I have seen clear light switch/outlet covers for that purpose.

  3. Erika says: September 13, 20071:03 am

    yup, we had those thermostats here in the house too – well, until we replaced them with the unattractive, hard-to-wallpaper programmable ones!

    Oh, and I have always wanted one of those peelers…I think a very similar one is still for sale somewhere.

  4. Andrew L. Ayers says: May 8, 20101:57 am

    What is that, the first “bedazzler”?

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