WHAT’S NEW For Your Home (Mar, 1948)

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WHAT’S NEW For Your Home

A four-page “shopping section” dedicated to modern homemakers

LIGHTWEIGHT LAWN MOWER weighs 19 pounds and cuts to within one inch of walls. Rear rollers spin blades

SELF-WRINGING MOP has a cellulose sponge that folds like a book when sleeve on the handle is pushed. It mops without splatter and wipes dry

OUTDOOR COASTERS keep drinks from spilling during lawn parties. Spike-tipped, the tulip-shaped holders raise glasses off the ground and away from the bugs

FIRE LIGHTER ignites when the barrel is slid back. It burns lighter fluid and works indoors and outdoors

MULTI-PURPOSE BRACKET, permanently mounted on edge of table, holds various kitchen utensils. Slipped into the bracket, tools are held firmly by a retaining ring

HANGING STEP provides a safe platform when windows are washed or painted. Made of steel, it eliminates the danger of ladder-climbing

TEMPERATURE GUARD in showers ends unexpected changes in water temperature due to decreased pressure. Fully automatic in operation, it is easily installed on any shower

YARN HOLDER simplifies winding of skein yarn into balls. Adjustable, it folds into small space (see insert) and has a suction cup to hold it in place as the yarn is unwound

POT LIFTER, made of stainless steel, grips firmly hot pans of any shape, ending fear of burned fingers. It can also be used to crack ice and small nuts. Its toothed jaw serves to tenderize meat and to scale fish

SELF-FOLDING PLAY PEN folds easily when a foot lever is pressed. Compactly folded, it can be rolled on its casters. With baby inside, it is locked open by a safety catch

BATH RACK solves the shampoo problem for both mother and child by helping to keep soap out of his eyes

KNIFE SHARPENER gives blade a keen edge with a few strokes of its tungsten-carbide insert

NONSKID MESH “locks” scatter rugs in place by the clinging action of its rubber coating

BEDSIDE LIGHT has no hard-to-find switch. To turn on the light you merely press down on the tilting shade

ELECTRIC CHURN can be adjusted to fit almost any jar or crock. Easy to use, it makes butter in 15 minutes

  1. Hirudinea says: July 12, 201110:55 am

    Seems most of these thing you can still get today. I like the outdoor coasters, they’ll go perfect with my pink flamingos!

  2. Toronto says: July 12, 201111:28 am

    The butter churners are a bit hard to find – but you can still use your Sunbeam Mixmaster, of course.

  3. Hirudinea says: July 12, 20111:47 pm

    Really Toronto, attaching an “Electric Churn” reminds me of this…



  4. Chris Radcliff says: July 12, 20111:54 pm

    I can just imagine the editor writing “shopping section” with a scowl and a grumble about how it’s taking valuable space away from real articles or business-machine ads…

    Wait, is that Bob Dobbs on the grill? That might be a more interesting backyard party than I thought.

  5. Toronto says: July 12, 20113:47 pm

    Hir: Best long-form informercial EVER!

  6. Charlene says: July 12, 20116:05 pm

    That fifth one should read “MULTI-PURPOSE BRACKET, permanently mounted on edge of table, takes a gouge out of your hip every time you walk by.”

  7. Fred R. says: July 12, 201111:20 pm

    Gotta love the division of labor here.

  8. Sean says: July 13, 201111:53 am

    i’d have to see how sturdy it is, but that window platform looks handy.

    Look, men! Now your wife can mow the yard and paint the house too!

  9. Justin says: October 3, 201112:40 am

    How does the window platform work? “Eliminates the danger of ladder-climbing” — are you meant to crawl out the window onto it?

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