WHAT’S NEW FOR Your Home (Jul, 1961)

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TRANSPARENT FIREPLACE is a freestanding unit with quarter-inch heat-resistant glass on three sides. The raised hearth is made of ceramic-coated steel. A star-shaped sloping hood covers the firebox area and rises to join a 10-inch flue housing. Venting attachments and extensions are available to accommodate most room heights. The fireplace, which can be painted to match room, is made by Majestic Co., Huntington, Ind.

ELECTRIC COFFEE MILL has 16 settings that enable it to grind beans extra fine for vacuum pot up to very coarse for open-pot coffee maker. It holds 1-1/4 pounds of whole beans. Hobart Manufacturing Co., Troy, Ohio, makes it.

SHOES ARE PROTECTED and out of the way on a shoe valet. It consists of two panels with spring-tensioned grips that grasp shoes firmly by the heels. A product of Glido Mfg. Co., Gardena, Calif., the wall-mounted valet sells for $4.95.

RUN WATER through the cylinder filled with resin compound, and the result is deionized water for cooking, steam appliances, batteries, etc. Deionizer is made by Illinois Water Treatment Co., Rockford, III. It sells for 98 cents.

SAFE EXERCISING and easy feeding are features of a folding, adjustable table for babies. A strap keeps the baby safe while he jumps or (with the foot rest folded) learns to walk. Made by Master Juvenile Products, Walker Valley, N. Y., the versatile Baby Den sells for $29.98.

KITCHEN CORNER SINK is made of stainless steel. Double-bowl unit saves counter space, allows unique kitchen layouts. Measuring 43-1/4 inches corner to corner and 22 inches front to back, compact design lends itself to use in small apartments, trailers, boats, etc. Manufacturer is Jensen-Thorsen Corp., 239 Interstate Road, Addison, Ill.

HIGH-LOW SWITCH that turns room lights bright or dim is intended for nurseries, bedrooms, etc. Single-pole, three-position switch allows dimming to 30 percent of full brightness. Made by General Electric, it sells for $4.98.

HIDDEN TRASH DISPOSER needs only touch of the toe to open aluminum lid; refuse goes down six-foot chute into suspended metal casing. Eliminates endless trips to basement or trash can. It’s made by Ketch-All Mfrs. of Akron, Ohio.

COMBINATION flour container and sifter eliminates the need to store two separate items. To use, housewife just unsnaps cover, turns the small crank—and finely fluffed flour issues forth. Made by Bliss of Hollywood, Los Angeles.

  1. Mike says: September 1, 201110:41 am

    “HIDDEN TRASH DISPOSER” – Obviously not designed by someone with an older brother.

  2. Charlene says: September 1, 201112:02 pm

    That has to be the most inefficient flour sifter ever. How many hours would it take to sift four cups?

  3. Jari says: September 1, 20114:39 pm

    That trapdoor is too small and it opens in a wrong way to be of any use in my extinct volcano lair…

  4. Hirudinea says: September 1, 20116:26 pm

    “Hidden Trash Disposer”, obviously NOT designed by Burns Co.

  5. Sean says: September 2, 20114:58 am


    Really, though, I’d love one of those. But then, I was the older brother 🙂

  6. Mike says: September 2, 20111:24 pm

    When I was a youngin I remember a friend of mine had a laundry chute in his first floor bathroom. He climbed in it and slid/dropped down to the laundry basket in the basement. I think he was stunned but not hurt, I can remember him looking up at me from the basket in the basement. No older brother needed.

  7. TomLR says: September 3, 20113:55 am

    Corner sink! Someone in our neighborhood actually put one of those in when remodeling her kitchen.

  8. qyooqy says: September 3, 20111:55 pm

    When I was your age we had a trapdoor that led to the basement. I had to carry all the garbage back up the stairs and THEN out to the street! Just take out, stop playing with that lightswitch! Just take out the trash and stop whining. Blanche! How long does it take to bake one lousy cake?! We’re leaving for the Johnson’s at six. Bob wants to show off his fancy-ass new fireplace. And I don’t care how many settings Dorothy’s coffee grinder has, the old one has worked fine for years.

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