What’s New For Your Home (Jul, 1962)

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What’s New For Your Home

STAINLESS-STEEL KITCHEN CONSOLE has a fluorescent light built directly above the sink which illuminates the entire sink area and eliminates shadows. An electrical outlet is located at each end of the control pedestal containing the light. The console has a built-in spray under the water faucet. When control is set for “flood” or “spray,” the spray goes automatically into action, leaving the housewife’s hands free. Also included are remote control pop-up drains, garbage disposer, vegetable basket and cutting board. Deluxe model has power unit, food mixer, blender and electric knife sharpener. Available in five models; prices range from $271 to $443. This steel sink unit is made by Elkay Mfg. Co., 2700 S. 17th Ave., Broadview, Ill.

MIRRORED WALL PANELS can be cemented to wood, plaster, hardboard or tile. The panels are available in 12-inch squares with electro copper plated silvering. No tools are required for installation. Price range is $14 to $32 per one-dozen package (cement included). The mirrored wall panels are supplied in 12 different engraved decorator styles. The manufacturer is Revere Glass and Mirror Co., Inc., 17 White St., New York 13, New York

BABY-FOOD FEEDER brings easy transition from milk-nipple stage to food-spoon stage. After baby familiarizes himself with cereal and strained food from feeder, he accepts it more readily from a spoon. Costs about $2; made by Hy-Tyme Inc., 7651 N. Paulina St., Chicago 26, III.

OVERHEAD FAN creates a downward breeze which forms an invisible, effective fly barrier without the use of insecticides. The fan’s slow-turning 36-inch plastic blades create a gentle air turbulence and repel flies without cooling food or ruffling napkins. Lightweight and portable, the fan is easy to install indoors or outdoors — wherever there is an insect or fly problem. The overhead fan costs $29.95 in black or turquoise; it’s made by Breezette, Dept. P55, 2918 Gilroy, Los Angeles 29, Calif.

STEAM STIRS, COOKS, and heats foods without adding fats or water. Steam entering one-way valve in water-filled boiler cooks and stirs food in bowl. Price is $14.95; made by Steamstir Corp., Box 1929, San Mateo, Calif.

DRAPES OPEN AND CLOSE automatically with a silent, electric traverse-rod actuator. It requires only screwdriver installation. In four models, from $25 to $40. Stanley Drapery Hardware, Wallingford, Conn, makes the unit.

FLEXIBLE SNAKELIKE LAMP winds, grips, stands and attaches anywhere without any marring effect. The lamp’s flexible tubing helps it shed light in hard-to-light places. Manufacturer is lllumatronics, Inc., 2423 Pacific St., Brooklyn 33, N. Y.

FOLDING PLASTIC BOTTLE holds five gallons of liquids or solids; folds into a two-inch-thick package weighing a half pound. Price is $2. The bottle is made by Associated Plastics, Inc., 1510 University Rd., SW, Cleveland 13, Ohio

  1. PoppyJoe says: October 10, 201112:57 pm

    Duh – electric light and outlets right over a stainless steel sink – zap!

    Otherwise a few ideas that have actually matured into our homes of today ceiling fans, snake-lights, folding 6 gallon bottles and mirror tiles… who knew?

  2. Charlene says: October 11, 201112:13 am

    “No tools are required for installation”. Yeah, and the adhesive they used means that you’ll need a wrecking ball to get them off the wall.

  3. Retro Hound says: October 11, 20119:00 am

    We had those mirror tiles in our hallway when we moved in to our house. They were the 1970s style with gold streams through them. They were a pain to take down!

  4. John says: October 11, 20118:14 pm

    Ron Popeil must have passed on the Steamstir. It looks like an interesting gadget.

  5. John says: October 11, 20118:18 pm

    The power unit for the mixer and accessories accompanying the stainless-steel sink console looks a lot like a Nutone Kitchen Center.

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