What’s New For Your Home (Aug, 1954)

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What’s New For Your Home

1. CONTOUR-BED MECHANISM is available in sizes to fit all standard beds. Two 1/4-horsepower motors raise or lower the head or foot to the desired position. Toggle switches within reach of a bedfast person operate the mechanism. Special mattresses, either foam rubber or innerspring, are available for the bed

2. WEATHER STRIPPING for casement windows is a metal strip that just slips into place over the frame of the window without screws or nails. One form of the stripping is applied to the head and lock side, another to the hinge side and sill. There’s a packaged set for standard windows or you can buy any length

3. “SNOW-ICE” sealed inside a plastic bag is frozen in your refrigerator or home freezer, then used to keep perishables fresh and cold during picnics and other outings. The material can be refrozen as many times as desired. You also can use it to keep foods cold while defrosting a refrigerator or home freezer

4. CRUSHED ICE slips out of a new ice-cube tray at the twist of your wrist. The flexible plastic tray is divided into slim compartments to freeze 60 ice wafers. When you twist the tray they pop out to give you crushed ice without any chopping

5. SQUEEZE CLEANER for mirrors and windows is a unit that combines a liquid cleaner, a sprayer and a squeegee. You squeeze the flexible container to spray the glass, then wipe it down with the squeegee

6. CLOTHES DRIER attaches to the door of an automatic washer. The heater-blower has a timer which is mounted on top of the machine. When the clothes have been washed and rinsed you remove a cover plate from the blower and set the timer. The clothes are tumbled while the door-mounted unit dries them

7. PORTABLE ELECTRIC OUTLET has a built-in fuse to minimize the possibility of blowing main fuses. There are four receptacles for plugs. The unit is built to withstand an electrical load up to 1000 watts without blowing fuses. In the event of an overload, the 15-amp. fuse in the unit blows first

8. SPRINKLER SYSTEM contains enough plastic pipe, fittings and sprinkler heads to cover an area of 1200 square feet. You assemble the system, join the parts with a special adhesive, then bury the pipe beneath the surface by opening the sod with a spade. Sprinkler heads screw on the vertical risers by hand

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  1. Stannous says: December 6, 20063:22 am

    Usually these scans have at most one or two things that managed to work well and still be around today but all of these, with the exception of the odd dryer attachment, are still for sale.

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