What’s New in Modern Living (Mar, 1945)

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What’s New in Modern Living

SOYBEAN SHOE PATCHES for resoling footwear at home are spread on worn spots on soles and pressed in with an iron. The material comes in the form of dough. It is manufactured by Elliot E. Simpson Co., of New York.

PLASTIC-COVERED HEELS for women’s shoes are available in dull or glossy finish and in a variety of colors. These nonscuff heels, made by Pereles Bros., Inc., of Milwaukee, have wood cores that take leather lifts.

COMPLETE SHAVING NEEDS have been included by Worthington Fifth Avenue, of New York, in a 2-1/2″ by 3-1/2″ pocket case.

CIGARETTE ROLLING has again become a popular (sometimes not so popular) pastime with smokers. Here is an entirely new automatic roller that fits the vest pocket and makes a tight cigarette.

1 Open the cylinder and fill it with tobacco; then close it and turn the knob several times before inserting a paper. Revolving forks in the gadget equalize the tobacco to help in rolling.

2 Next, lift the lid slightly, insert the edge of a paper, and roll the paper part way into the cylinder. A special gummed-edge paper is used, and the gum is moistened just before it enters the chamber.

3 Complete turning the knob, open the cylinder, and you have a well-packed, professionally rolled cigarette. The device is the invention of and is marketed by John A. Kappeler, of Dayton, Ohio.

DOLL MUFFS are one of the latest novelties. The one shown below has a doll’s head and body, and the muff part forms the skirt. It was displayed at the recent New York exhibition given by the Toy Manufacturers of the U.S.A.

MATCHES AS WELL AS CIGARETTES have space in this newly designed cigarette box of transparent plastic of the type made famous in bomber noses. They are made by Vargish & Company, of New York.

OIL IS REMOVED from skin or metal by an absorbent made by the Waverly Petroleum Products Company, of Philadelphia, and contained in a pad, as shown at the left.

A DISPENSER is combined with a bottle stopper manufactured by Hollywood Home Accessories, Inc., of Los Angeles, for carbonated beverages.

  1. Stannous says: June 12, 20078:44 am

    Nice joint roller, just two decades too early.

    Besides taking personal pride in rolling their own, most nico addicts are in far too much of a hurry to get a fix to bother with any complicated device.

    (I smoked for 18 years and rolled my own for many of those)

    P.S.-my big sister had one of those doll-muffs in the early 50s

  2. galessa says: June 12, 20075:01 pm

    plastic covered heels are as old as 1880s…

  3. Blurgle says: June 13, 200712:24 am

    Those shoe patches worked well – until it got below freezing, then they fell out. For some strange reason they never caught on…

  4. Jeffery Wright says: October 19, 200711:21 am

    roll the perfect fatty… mmm-mmm!

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