HAROLD YOUNG of Downey, Calif., has a car designed expressly for wheelchair users. The driver gets in and out without help. Controls, including a push-stop, pull-go lever, are designed for the handicapped. The three-wheeler has directional signals as well as standard lights. Transmission uses a Togaloc clutch, chain drive to jackshaft, V-belt drive to rear wheels. The car has had years of all-weather use. •

  1. slim says: February 2, 201210:18 am

    I lived next door to Mr. Peters, who built this car. He was a body and fender repair man with a garage full of neat tools. It’s a shame he didn’t get credit in this article. All I know about Mr. Young is that he had a business repairing electric razors.

  2. George says: February 7, 20126:43 am

    It’s so low I can’t help thinking it’s a Flintstone’s type of mechanism, i.e. the wheelchair wheels are on the ground and help power it along.

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