Wheels WITHOUT Wheels (Oct, 1954)

This looks like something out of a cartoon. I want one.

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Wheels WITHOUT Wheels

WHEELS whirred wonderingly in the fertile imagination of Greek inventor Elie Aghnides, 14 years ago, as he contemplated the bull-like tactics of a caterpillar tractor muscling dirt around in New York City’s Central Park. Inventor Aghnides, best known for his Aerator water faucet attachment, was unhappy as he thought about the tremendous horsepower that was wasted by these tracked vehicles. They lumbered down the highways at a relatively slow 25 mph and even then their rubber treads broke easily. Wheeled vehicles, on the other hand, whizzed over the roads but bogged down in mud or on rocks.

Aghnides wondered why he couldn’t combine in one vehicle the best features of track and wheel. The result, just revealed, is the amazing Rhino, shown on these pages. This rugged mechanical beast of burden can go just about anywhere— through swamps, mud or snow, over mountains, into forests where trucks would be hopelessly entangled. On the highway, thanks to its ingeniously designed wheels, it can bowl along at 45 mph. Someday, thinks Inventor Aghnides, it may even clip along at 70. •

  1. Stephen says: February 7, 20117:44 am

    I don’t know if it’s a derivative technology, but the current occupant of this niche is the Rolligon:

  2. PAWoodward says: February 7, 20118:00 am

    That is pretty cool and the stuff of sci-fi. Here it is in action: http://www.itnsource.co…

  3. EMF says: February 7, 201111:03 am

    That is just awesome! Great find on the vids. I wonder if GM will look to replace the Hummer with this?

  4. LightningRose says: February 7, 201111:57 am

    PAW, thanks for the video link.

    Of all the goofy vehicles we’ve seen in these pages that never made it to production, this is one of the awesomest!

    If I were a survivalist I’d have one of these in my garage for sure! (armored and steam powered, of course!)

  5. Charlie says: February 7, 201112:38 pm

    I actually had a post about Rolligon a while back, pretty nifty vehicles:

  6. Toronto says: February 8, 201111:21 am

    I love the fact that it’s got a “Dealer” plate.

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