When Royalty Goes to See (Sep, 1954)

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When Royalty Goes to See

The stately yacht that carried the Royal Family home from abroad last year is fit for a queen.

Beautifully carved 1817 binnacle with its corners fashioned into four dolphins came from George Ill’s elegant yacht. Britannia’s bell it above it.

Queen Elizabeth and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh stand with their children on “saluting platform” to greet subjects at Valetta. Malta.

Spacious dining room has Hepplewhite chairs and ebony-edged, mahogany table that accommodates 32. Rug unbuttons, rolls back on parquet flooring.

Queen’s private sitting room has built-in knee-hole desk at which she worked on recent trip. Intercom system connects to Duke’s nearby room.

This is the verandah sunroom where the royal couple often relaxed at sea. It has wicker furnishings. gaily colored, comfortable cushions.

Royal drawing room has chintz covered settees, armchairs. Knighting stool is in foreground. Britannia launching painting is in background.

Duke’s sitting room is embellished by a model of the frigate Magpie which was formerly commanded by him while on duty in Mediterranean.

Yacht’s 40 foot Royal Barge reslung in davits, was built in 1938 for Victoria and Albert. It is a hard chine boat with triple diesel engines.

  1. Toronto says: April 5, 201212:55 pm

    Victoria died in 1901, and Albert in 1861. Why would someone build a Royal Barge for them in 1938?

  2. DrewE says: April 5, 20121:07 pm

    Toronto — The Royal Barge was built for the previous Royal Yacht, HMY Victoria and Albert III.

  3. Toronto says: April 5, 20121:29 pm

    Drew – Ah! Thanks – that make sense.

  4. Hirudinea says: April 5, 20124:27 pm

    I bought a inflatable raft at a yard sale once, tried to put a figurehead on it, didn’t end well.

  5. Mick Canick says: April 6, 20127:38 am

    Charles (and the rest of the regulars) might enjoy this website.
    Some of the covers I have seen on MM, others are interesting.

  6. Mick Canick says: April 6, 20127:44 am

    And now I see the link to the right. (sorry)

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