When Your Girl Friend says “YOU NEED MORE PEP” (Nov, 1953)

Bob Dole really needs to read this copy in the next Viagra ad. What do you think would move more product? Talking about “erectile dysfunction” or telling a man he’s “droopy and draggy?”

When Your Girl Friend says “YOU NEED MORE PEP”

Take a booster Tablet You Get an Amazing Pick-Me-Up.

And when you’re droopy and draggy from normal fatigue . . . you may get a REAL BOOST—a LIFT without a letdown—when you take BOOSTER tablets. Then RIGHT AWAY you may feel READY FOR FUN … all set “TO GO”. That’s because BOOSTER tablets are the FAST ACTING PICK-ME-UP that go to work IN A HURRY . . . may make YOU MORE KEENLY FEEL every minute of fun … may help YOU GET BACK “IN THE MOOD” … by temporarily relieving your normal fatigue. Most important—BOOSTER tablets have NO HARMFUL AFTER-EFFECTS … are NON-HABIT FORMING . . . and are Medically Pure. Of course, if you take too many at night they may keep you awake. And there’s NO WAITING … NO WONDERING .. . . after taking BOOSTER tablets . . . because THEY ACT FAST to temporarily relieve your normal fatigue. “They really have a KICK to them,” writes William H. Browne, Sr., San Antonio, Texas, a BOOSTER tablet user. Remember, the name BOOSTER is a trade-mark registered by us in the United States Patent Office.

So don’t spoil the fun that’s the best part of your life . . . just because you’re low from normal fatigue. Get BOOSTER tablets on 10-DAY TRIAL WITH 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. Just send your name and address with $1 in cash, money-order, or check. Pay postman small balance of only $2 plus postage when he delivers your BIG 30-day-size bottle of BOOSTER tablets, sent you in a plain package marked personal. Then use BOOSTER tablets as needed for 10-days on this 100% money-back GUARANTEE: If not completely DELIGHTED with results … if BOOSTER tablets don’t do what we said they will FOR YOU . . . return unused tablets. Your full purchase price will be sent right back to you by Air-Mail. (SAVE 63c by •ending full price of $3 in cash, money-order, or check when you write us. Then WE PAY all postage charges.) Write today to

DEPT. 208 NEW YORK 18, N. Y. (© 1953, P. F. Co.)

  1. Charlene says: March 22, 20104:43 am

    Caffeine, or speed?

  2. Myles says: March 22, 20108:31 am

    Pep – you just don’t hear that word enough anymore.

  3. KD5ZS says: March 22, 201011:54 am

    “Back in the Mood?” Sounds like counseling is needed more than a drug.

  4. Richard @ The Bewildered Brit says: March 22, 20106:53 pm

    “No wondering”?!

    That’s a shame, I like a good wonder—or even a brief moment to mull the day’s events—after I’ve taken a pill and before I get some more “pep”!

    What a strange ad!

  5. StanFlouride says: March 22, 20108:00 pm

    “Remember, the name BOOSTER is a trade-mark registered by us in the United States Patent Office.”

    If they’d developed the strategy that Monster Cable has, of suing every company with a similar name, they’d have made more money.

  6. Scott says: March 25, 20107:33 am

    For erections lasting more than 4 hours…

  7. Charlene says: March 29, 20102:44 pm

    Richard you’re right, it is a strange ad. They’re trying to sell caffeine (or speed) pills by making it sound like they’re really selling anti-impotence pills.

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