Where Robot Mice And Robot Men Run Round In Robot Towns (Apr, 1978)

Where Robot Mice And Robot Men Run Round In Robot Towns

By Ray Bradbury

They asked me where I’d choose to run, which favored? Ups? or Downs?

Where robot mice and men, I said, run round in robot towns.

But is that wise? for tin’s a fool and iron has no thought!

Computer mice can find me facts and teach me what I’m not.

But robot all inhuman is, all’s sin with cog and mesh.

Not if we teach the good stuff in, so it can teach our flesh.

There’s nothing wrong with metal-men that better dreams can’t chalk.

I’d find me robot-Plato’s cave if he lived on my block;

And though his eyes electric were, computerized his tongue.

Is that more wrong than Berlioz on LPs harped and sung?

So much electric fills our lives, some bad, some good, some ill.

But look! there Shaw and Shakespeare dance on Channel 7’s sill:

A gift of hearts and minds and eyes to see our dark/light face.

To weigh and balance halos/blights that half-destroy our race;

To midget make our rocket-ships, and squeeze grand Kong down small

Then Giants grow from Shavian seed to taunt, provoke us all.

As man himself a mixture is, rambunctious paradox,

So we must teach our mad machines: stand tall, pull up your socks!

Come run with me, while children/men, half dires and dooms, half clowns.

Pace robot mice, race robot men, win-lose in robot towns.

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  1. qyooqy says: May 12, 20116:04 pm

    I’d never read Bradbury ‘fore I read this poem here
    Admittedly, I’m seeing it through vodka and some beer.
    To hear bare-lee-oh-zuh live on strings may trump a live 8-track
    But once you’ve heard it,it is yours despite what it may lack
    Technology is from us and it shows us what we are
    One day your robot friend will guide your geeky robot car
    Others, they may laugh at you, or think that you are lame
    But one day they will empty pockets doing just the same.

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