Wherever the Admired and the Notable (May, 1929)

Wherever the Admired and the Notable

Congregate—observe tlie overwhelming preference for Cadillac an d La Salle. The famous, the socially prominent, the most sophisticated judges of what is test in motor-cars, turn invariably and inevitably to the two most celebrated and sophisticated cars on the streets of the world. De luxe Fisher and Fleetwood coachwork render Cadillac and La Salle the most luxurious motoring which the owner’s highest ambition can attain.


Cadillac Motor Car Company — Division of General Motors — Detroit, Mich.— Oshawa, Can.

  1. Charlene says: March 10, 20123:57 pm

    Yes, wherever you find rich people standing around pointing at Zeppelins, you’ll find Cadillac.

  2. Sean says: March 10, 20125:55 pm

    Assuming that that’s supposed to be a real airship, it’s the ZR3 USS Los Angeles; the US Navy’s longest-serving airship.


    She was built by the Zeppelin company as the ZR 126 and was basically a smaller prototype of the later Graf Zeppelin. However, in order to get her into production, the company had to persuade America to count it as war reparations. This allowed the company to keep its doors open until restrictions on civilian airships were loosened and to gain experience with new techniques at the expense of the US and German governments. She served as an experimental ship for the US navy, flying hundreds of missions and helping the navy gain experience that allowed them to use later, purpose-built scouts more effectively. After the crashes of the USS Akron and Macon, interest in big, rigid ships declined in America and she was broken up for scrap after sitting deflated in her hanger for several months.

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