Which star is nearest your age? (Oct, 1932)


Which star is nearest your age?

“Beauty is not a matter of Birthdays”

Screen Stars declare—and these pictures prove it

Which one of these lovely favorites is near your age? Do you, too, know that beauty is not at all a matter of birthdays? “We must keep youthful charm right through the years,” the stage and screen stars say—”in spite of birthdays!”

Looking at these recent photographs you want to know their secret! “To keep youthful charm you must guard complexion beauty very carefully,” they declare. “Youthful skin is absolutely necessary.”

How do these stars stay so ravishingly young looking? How do they guard complexion beauty? “We use Lux Toilet Soap,” they say. “Regular care with this nice white soap does wonders for the skin!”

9 out of 10 screen stars use it Of the 694 important Hollywood actresses, including all stars, 686 guard their complexions with Lux Toilet Soap. It is the official soap for dressing rooms in all the great film studios.

Why don’t you try this gentle, fragrant white soap—start using it today!

Lux Toilet Soap

  1. Charlene says: January 27, 201211:21 am

    Virginia Lee Corbin was 22, Jean Harlow was 21, Dorothy Mackaill was 29, Ethel Clayton was 40, and Beverly Bayne was 38 on the date this ad ran.

    Irene Rich was actually telling the truth about her age; she was indeed 40 years old.

  2. Hirudinea says: January 28, 20125:46 pm

    @ Charlene – Didn’t you know that once a woman is over 40 she’s hauled away to the knackers yard? 🙂 (Well that’s how it works in Hollywood anyway.)

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