Whitening Strikes (May, 1968)

Whitening Strikes

Yellowing is out

In comes a new powernet with Lycra spandex from Exquisite Form.

White today White to stay

*Won’t yellow in your automatic washer. Won’t yellow in your electric dryer. Just wash and dry your bras and girdles as often as you like. They just won’t yellow like the ones you’ve been wearing. You can’t get them from anybody but Exquisite Form. That’s where the Whitening Strikes.

“Light-On-Light” fiberfilled Dacron® lace cup bra, new powernet with Lycra® side, back, $4.

“For Keeps” permanent press Dacron® polyester and cotton soft cup bra, new powernet with Lycra® sides and back $3.

“Assure” regular or longleg panty girdles in new powernet with Lycra®. S, M, L, 57.95.

If you really want yellow that won’t turn white, ask for Sweet Lemon in the “Light-On-Light” bra and “Assure” longleg panty girdle.

Exquisite Form

385 Fifth Avenue, New York, N. Y.

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