Thousands Are Quickly Gaining 5 to 15 Lbs. This New Easy Way

DON’T think you’re “born” to be skinny and friendless. Thousands with this new, easy treatment have gained husky pounds, new good looks — in just a few weeks!
Doctors for years have prescribed yeast for health. But this new yeast tablet discovery gives double results — health, and solid, new flesh — and far quicker.

Not only are thousands quickly gaining good-looking pounds, but also clear, smooth skin, freedom from constipation, indigestion and nervousness, glorious new strength and pep.

Concentrated 7 times

This amazing new product, Iron-ized Yeast is made from special brewers’ ale yeast imported from Europe—the richest yeast known — which by a new scientific process is concentrated 7 times — made 7 times more powerful. But that is not all! This marvelous, health-building yeast is ironized with 3 kinds of iron.

Day after day, as you take Ironized Yeast tablets, watch flat chest develop, skinny limbs round out attractively. Skin clears of blemishes, new health comes—you’re an entirely new, good-looking person.

Results guaranteed

No matter how skinny and weak you may be, this marvelous new Ironized Yeast should build you up in a few short weeks as it has thousands. If not delighted with the results of the very first package, your money will be instantly refunded.

Special FREE offer!

To start you building up your health right away, we make this absolutely FREE offer. Purchase a package of Ironized Yeast tablets at once, cut out the seal on the box and mail it to us with a clipping of this paragraph. We will send you a fascinating new book on health, “New Facts About Your Body.” Remember, results guaranteed with very first package — or money refunded. At all druggists. Ironized Yeast Co., Inc., Dept. 568, Atlanta, Ga.

  1. ThePublishingSpot says: June 24, 200611:16 am

    Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously, Stupid!…

    Liz Strauss once told me, "Don’t be disappointed when you find the rest of the world isn’t as good as you are," which is a very kind way of saying "Don’t take yourself so seriously, stupid!"Over at Modern Mechanix,……

  2. Are they available from you says: May 17, 20089:56 pm

    My Father gave me these pills when i was a young girl. I tried to find them locally recently and have had no luck. Please respond to email address. Hope you can send me some or tell where I might find some.
    N.Fenwick 5o17 SO Brookline Oklahoma City,


  3. Kiran says: December 1, 20119:41 am

    Please let me know if these tablets are available in Pakistan. Thank you

  4. ajricher says: December 1, 20112:15 pm

    As this dates to 1935, I doubt they have a distributor there.

  5. Vince says: December 7, 201112:50 pm

    Hi could you please let me know if there is a similar product on the market these days?

  6. Skinny chic says: December 29, 20118:40 pm

    This is great! Is this available in Perth, Australa?

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