Why Billy C. was benched (Dec, 1937)

This totally explains my lack of sporting ability. Damn you cavities!

Why Billy C. was benched

There he sat on the sidelines . . . all through football days. With the finest new football outfit in the neighborhood .. . with everything but a place on the eleven.

Baffled and hurt as only a twelve-year-old can be he tried desperately. But fumbled the ball. Couldn’t keep up with plays. Just couldn’t make the grade.

Then Billy’s family physician took a hand. Suspicious, he sent Billy to the dentist. The X-ray of Billy’s teeth told the story . . . showed two teeth too far gone to save and another one going . .. and showed what was making the boy a fumbler!

Every doctor and dentist knows what will happen if tooth decay is not discovered and checked . . . how the poisoning action will sap strength and mental energy… even lead into grave and dangerous ills.

That’s why they insist on a definite program of care for your teeth … like the Squibb Plan, below.

Because most tooth decay can be prevented … by proper diet, regular dental care, and daily brushing and massage.

There are two scientific dentifrices that make this program most effective: Squibb Dental Cream and Squibb Tooth Powder. They do more than clean your teeth. Both contain an antacid to neutralize the bacterial acids which cause decay, wherever it comes in contact with them.

Choose whichever form you like, paste or powder .. . you’ll find Squibb the most refreshing dentifrice you have ever used . . . and children love the special, pleasing “flavor.”

One of the finest things you will ever do for your family is to start them on this Squibb Plan now!

BE SURE TO GET SQUIBB QUALITY Squibb makes hundreds of drug products. When buying any home necessities, be sure to ask if Squibb makes it.

squibb tooth powder—it has all the scientific advantages of Squibb Dental Cream . . . for those who prefer powder

squibb mineral oil—a safe internal regulator.

squibb aspirin — pure and promptly effective.

squibb cod liver oil— exceptionally rich in Vitamins A and D . . . a true economy.

squibb milk of magnesia—free from any suggestion of earthy taste. . . another sign of purity.

squibb sodium bicarbonate—refined to an unusual degree of purity.



  1. rsterling78 says: August 25, 200911:24 pm

    Yeah. Suboptimal dentition will doom any potential career in football. Likewise, if your nails are not properly manicured, forget about track.

  2. Firebrand38 says: August 26, 200912:04 am
  3. rsterling78 says: August 26, 20097:30 pm

    Yeah, he fumbled the ball because of endocarditis.

  4. Firebrand38 says: August 26, 20098:00 pm

    rsterling78: Yeah….too bad the other document from the Maine Coordinating School Health Programs web site had something more to the point as in

    “Recent research reports that children with dental decay may exhibit symptoms that affect their quality of life. Loss of appetite, inability to finish a meal, loss of sleep, and negative behavior patterns all improved in children after dental treatment.”

    “Poor concentration in school may relate to the lack of a good breakfast but also may indicate dental problems. Research has shown that dental problems cause students to be less attentive in class, and may also affect overall health.”

    Slightly more serious than a manicure and whether it’s endocarditis it’s still a bad thing

    But you knew that.

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