Why Keds are the choice of world famous players (Oct, 1924)

Not only did they have very modern sports sneakers in 1924, but apparently they had a problem with knockoffs. Thus the tag line: “They are not Keds unless the name Keds is on the shoe”

Why Keds are the choice of world famous players

ELEVEN national and two world tennis championships last year — all won on Keds! That’s a remarkable tribute to Keds quality.

And here’s why these champion players selected Keds:

They wanted a shoe that would give them the maximum of ground-grip, comfort and speed — a shoe that would stand day after day of grinding, tearing wear.
Keds are especially built to meet every one of these requirements.

And the very same qualities that make Keds the standard shoes for tennis and all outdoor wear make them ideal for the gym floor.

Keds are a complete line of canvas rubber-soled shoes, varying in price according to grade, size and style — from $1.25 to $4.50.

It is important to remember that not all canvas rubber-soled shoes are Keds. Keds are made only by the United States Rubber Company.

And every Keds shoe has the name Keds on it.

The new Keds Hand-book for Boys is full of things every boy will want to know about. How to make things—rules for games — woodcraft, etc. Sent free if you address Dept. 536, 1790 Broadway, New York.

United States Rubber Company
They are not Keds unless the name Keds is on the shoe

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  2. Stannous says: March 2, 20074:40 pm

    $4.50 for a pair of sneakers?


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