Why Not Sleep in the Car This Summer? (Jun, 1931)

Why Not Sleep in the Car This Summer?

SOME car manufacturers are turning out sedans arranged for the lowering of the back of the front seat and the rearrangement of the cushions to provide a very comfortable bed. However, there are many cars in the hands of owners who would like to have them provided with a similar arrangement.

The sketches reproduced herewith suggest a method of doing this.

It is necessary to give some thought to the dimensions of the parts which are to be arranged for a bed. That is, it is necessary to figure the point at which the hinge A, is to be placed so as to have just the right amount of distance in the part B, which is to be folded down, as shown in the lower part of the sketch. This part is ordinarily supported by means of a wood block.

A loose pin hinge is installed as shown. It will be necessary to cut the seat metal on a line approximately that shown as DE. The loose pin butt hinge is installed to take care of the strain induced after this cut is made. By removing the pin from the hinge it is possible to drop the back down as shown. Two of these hinges are required, one for either end of the seat, also two of the hinges A, for the part which drops down.

By turning the front and rear cushions around and giving some thought to the position of B, it is possible to arrange a very comfortable bed. Certain spaces which are not level may be filled in with blankets or a piece of duck may be carried which is stretched snugly over the entire cushions.

  1. Kosher Ham says: January 21, 201111:59 am

    It would be great for making out as well. That was one of the more controversial features of a Nash automobile.

  2. jon says: January 21, 201112:17 pm

    I wonder which piece of the duck is best suited for this – the wing I suppose?

  3. Firebrand38 says: January 21, 201112:49 pm
  4. MikeBurdoo says: January 21, 20113:42 pm

    Clever use of the hinge at “butt hinge C” in the illustration. Have to file that away for the next home project.

  5. Michael, N5RLR says: January 21, 20117:14 pm

    I shudder to think what would happen in a collision. 🙁

  6. Grinder says: January 22, 20112:57 am

    Sleeping in your car was just a “for-fun” thing in 1931, despite the Depression since cars were few. This time it will be back when the next shoe drops in the current recession and more people lose their homes.

  7. Kosher Ham says: January 22, 20111:21 pm

    I would probably put a “remove before…..” flag on the removable pin to make it less likely to be lost.

  8. Stephen Edwards says: January 22, 20116:39 pm

    That model sure is showing a lot of ankle for 1931. I think Kosher’s making-out hypothesis is right.

  9. carlm says: January 24, 20113:18 am

    Safety wasn’t an issue back then. No seat belts and nothing to restrain you. While people at that time rarely went over 45 in normal driving, it was quite common for people to fly though windshields in accidents. Anyway, I agree that it was meant for sleeping overnight. I had a ’66 VW bug where I could essentially do the same thing with the seat on the passenger side. I once slept in it overnight while driving across the country. I would pull it off the road and camp out in the car instead of using a tent. In the late ’60s, it was cool to live poor-chic (Non Materialistically) Wire spools for tables, bricks and boards for book shelves etc. Real Hippy Dippy

  10. DouglasUrantia says: January 26, 20111:56 pm

    carlm: it was easy to live cheap in the 1960s because food and housing was relatively cheap vs. income. Today, everything is ten times more expensive and wages are way behind inflation.

    Today, this truly is a modern version of The Great Depression…..at least there are a few safety nets today that weren’t around 80 years ago. Drop in home values is currently below Depression levels.

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