Why Stammer? (Jul, 1933)

I’m trying to imagine what a meeting of the stammerers guild would be like. In my my mind it’s tragically comedic. Not to mention, you’d think they could have chosen a more easily pronounceable name then “Stammerers’ Guild”

Why Stammer?

Sample Copy of “SPEECH” free
Write for Free booglet “Helps for Stammerers”
Stammerers’ Guild, 38 Newbury St., Suite 404A, Boston, Mass.

  1. jane says: September 19, 20073:28 pm

    Ssself Help Sssstrattegeees for Stttopping Ssstammering Sssssocitttty Assoccc…aw, ta hell with it.

  2. Aleksejs says: January 6, 200910:44 am

    At first I read: “Why Spammer”… 😉

  3. bilbo says: December 14, 20101:57 am

    If you look at this address in Google maps, it appears to be a very high end part of Boston. I wonder how many stammerers there are in this area now.

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