Why Stout People Cant Wear New Styles (Mar, 1922)

Why Stout People Cant Wear New Styles

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This person’s experience is duplicated by that of hundreds of others who have quickly regained their normal, healthful weight, and strong, graceful and slender figures in the simplest, easiest and most delightful way known. Mrs. George Guiterman of 420 East 66th Street, New York, lost 13 pounds in the very first 8 days. Mrs. Mary Denneny of 82 West 9th Street, Bayonne, N. J., lost 74 pounds in record time, reduced her bust 7-1/2 inches, her waist 9 inches and her hips 11 inches. She also banished her pimples and secured a beautiful complexion; all through this marvelous new method. She can now RUN upstairs without puffing or discomfort, whereas before it made her feel faint just to walk up.

Look Years Younger When Fat Departs

A Pennsylvania woman writes “Since I lost those 54 pounds I feel 20 years younger—and my family say I look it.”

This appearance of youth is one of the most delightful results of this new method. Fat people always look older than they really are. Merely to secure a slender form would bring a more youthful appearance. But this new method also results in a clearer skin, a brighter eye, a firmer step and the most wonderful energy and vitality. Many write us that they have been positively amazed to lose lines and wrinkles which they had supposed to be ineffaceable. So that when you reduce to normal weight in this new simple fascinating, natural way, you look even younger than most slender people of the same age. You can then dress stylishly and yet be in perfect taste. This season’s designs are made for thin people. In a very short time after using this marvelous new method, you can wear the most colorful, the most Huffy, and the most extreme styles; and look well in them.

And best of all, these wonderful benefits are secured without any discomforts whatever. No starving, no exercise, no medicines,— nothing to do but pay attention to an easily followed law of nature. In reward, nature gives everything and exacts no payment.

The Secret Explained

As simple and easily understood as is this natural law it seems almost magical in its results. Eugene Christian, a specialist of international renown, discovered that it is not how much they eat, and to a certain extent it is not even what they eat that causes people with natural fatty tendencies to put on surplus flesh. It is how their food is combined. Eat certain dishes at the same meal and they will cause more flabbiness and fat and fill the body with the poisons that cause the puffiness, the lacklustre eves and the skin blemishes which so often accompany obesity. But eat these very same dishes at different times and properly combined with other ordinary foods and they make muscle and bone and good rich blood instead of fat. Then the fat you have already stored up is rapidly consumed. This discovery is the greatest boon ever given to stout people who have found dieting a weakener, exercises a task and drugs a delusion. For when you learn the secret of properly combining your food you can eat Potatoes, Fowl, Meat, Fish, Milk, Butter, Cheese, Chocolate, Corn Bread, Wheat Bread and many other dishes you have probably been denying yourself. And yet you will lose weight steadily, right from the start—perhaps a pound a day, perhaps more, as so many others have done.

And as the unhealthy fat departs, your flesh becomes firm, your complexion clears, your eyes brighten and your health and energy increase wonderfully. Youthful looks, youthful spirits and a youthful form become quickly yours.

When you have reduced to normal weight and your fatty tendencies have been corrected it will not be necessary for you to pay further attention to how your food is combined. Still you will probably want to keep these combinations up all your life, for as Mr. Clyde Tapp, of Poole, Ky., says: The delicious menus make every meal a pleasure never experienced before.”

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Send no money now—just fill out and mail coupon or send letter if you prefer. We will send you in 12 interesting booklets, complete instructions and dozens of delicious menus containing the foods you like combined in a way to enable you to quickly attain a slenderness which makes you look well in the most colorful, fluffy or bouffant styles. Weigh yourself when the course arrives. Follow the appetizing menus in the first lesson. Weigh yourself again in a couple of days and note the delightful and aston shing result.

People have been so grateful for what Christian has done for them that they have voluntarily paid him lees of $500.00 to $1,000.00. But he wants everyone to be able to own this course on “Weight Control.” So in addtion to a FREE TRIAL offer, he makes the following nominal price, which you will probably consider as hardly paying for printing and handling. You pay the postman only $1.97 (plus postage) when the course arrives. And it is then yours. There are no further charges. If you are dissatisfied with it you will have the privilege of returning it within 5 days and your money will then be instantly refunded. So you risk nothing. Act today! You’ll soon create astonishment and envy among your friends by your renewed slenderness, increased health and youthful appearance. CORRECTIVE EATING SOCIETY, Dept. W-273, 43 W. 16th St., New York City If you prefer to write a letter copy wording of coupon in a letter or on a postcard.


Dept. W-273. 43 W. 16th St., New York City.

You may send me, IN PLAIN WRAPPER, Eugene Christian’s Course “Weight Control—the Basis of Health.” in 12 books. I will pay the postman $1.97 (Plus Postage) on arrival. But if I am not satisfied with it I have the privilege of returning the course and my money will be instantly refunded.

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    Like most weight loss gimmicks all this will do is reduce the weight of your wallet.

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