Why the microfilmer is as important as the billing machine! (Oct, 1961)

Why the microfilmer is as important as the billing machine!

In thousands of retail and wholesale businesses today, you’ll find a Recordak microfilmer working side-by-side with billing machines— doing away with descriptions on bills… and reducing posting time by 85%!

The routine is this easy: billing clerks in retail stores, for example, post only the totals of sales checks, credits and returns on the bill. No description is needed because all of these items—including the simplified bill—go out to the customer after being microfilmed. With the new Recordak RELIANT 500 Microfilmer (shown above) up to 500 items can be photographed in a minute.

Now, count your savings: your staff gets bills out four times faster… takes peak billing periods in stride without costly overtime or extra help. You save on equipment costs, stationery, storage space, and accounts receivable insurance if duplicate films are stored off premises.

By now, you can see why we say a Recordak microfilmer is as important as the billing machines in retail billing—in any billing operation where you want to take the drudgery out of the billers’ hands.

See for yourself how Recordak Photographic Billing can help in your business… and get details on the complete line of Recordak Microfilmers for all requirements.


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