Wild West in Miniature (Mar, 1950)

Wild West in Miniature

1. The stagecoach is here! And for keeps, thanks to Mary Crouch who has carved a tiny western town out of wood. Three years of research went into the project.

2. Mrs. Crouch’s son and helper. Worth, envies the rough but colorful life of the frontiersmen who enliven the realistic village with its 14-foot-long Main Street.

3. Runaway horses are so life like that the look of horror on the lovely lassie’s face seems only natural. Yapping dog, too, contributes his share to the excitement.

4. Artistic Mrs. Crouch of Los Angeles dabs the last bit of paint on one of her 6-inch figures. She has refused offers of $6000 for this exhibit but sells other carvings.

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  1. Hirudinea says: January 31, 20125:14 pm

    Attack of the 50 Foot Woman!

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