Will Power Operates Gramaphone (Nov, 1932)

Will Power Operates Gramaphone

YOU can take this story as seriously as you want to. It came to us as perfectly legitimate stuff and here it is:

Major Raymond Phillips, O.M.E., late member of the Inter-Allied Commission of Control, claims to have evolved apparatus which will cause a gramaphone or kettle to function entirely by will power.

Major Phillips explains that the human body acts as an earth and the constant capacity is maintained within three yards of the apparatus. A momentary pause in the flow to earth through the body—produced entirely by mind concentration—is followed by an upward surge of sufficient intensity to cause a series of relays to operate.
That’s the story. You can take it or leave it. We have a sneaking suspicion that somebody is being kidded.

  1. Casandro says: December 20, 20076:33 am

    Incidentially there was actually a simmilar experiment that worked.
    They analyced a simple EEG and splitted it up into it’s frequency bands. Now the person can train to get into a certain state of mind, i.e. get excited at will. An Apple][ displays a box moving from the left to the right with some positions marked. If the person gets excited at the right point in time, the EEG registers it and the computer knows what to do, switching a relay to turn something on and off.

    It’s been done by the WDR Computerclub somewhere in the 80s.

  2. glindsey says: December 20, 20077:25 am

    Even further than that, recent research has been done in using EEGs to measure the areas of the brain related to human speech and determine how different vowel sounds “look”. These data can then be used to drive a vocal synthesizer, to allow people with “locked-in syndrome” (conscious mind functioning, but unable to move or speak due to a brain stem injury) to communicate again.

    The work is still extremely preliminary, but if it succeeds it will be an incredible breakthrough — literally a cyborg voicebox!

  3. fluffy says: December 20, 200710:05 am

    Of course those EEG experiments aren’t about action-at-a-distance but actually measuring nerve impulses, which is perfectly legitimate. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that if the 1932 article were written today, the author wouldn’t be nearly so skeptical, and the readers would believe every word of it.

  4. Mike Brisendine says: December 20, 20076:13 pm

    Oh, I thought the article was “Wii Power Operates Gramaphone”. Nevermind.

  5. aztrozon says: January 27, 20083:21 pm

    Awesome! And stylish too!

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