WILLY the walking bug (Jun, 1967)

WILLY the walking bug

WILLY can be taken off the wooden track and played with but his finest moment is on the track, being pulled by the string. His legs take on a most lifelike movement which is imparted by the waves cut in the “wiggle spine.”

Begin by making the body from the layout block as shown. Use fine-grained white pine. Cut two saw-kerf leg pivot grooves and dado out the larger groove which receives the spine. If any part of the body splits away mend it with glue. The antennae are No. 165 compression springs stretched slightly and tipped with eraser discs. Fit legs in place on coat-hanger wire after legs and body are painted. The waves under the spine are cut with coping or jigsaw, narrowed to a ridge with then narrowed to a ridge with a circular saw. •

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