Windshield Cleaned by Jets of Water While Driving (Nov, 1936)

Windshield Cleaned by Jets of Water While Driving

Controlled by a button on the dashboard, an automatic windshield washer will keep the glass clean while driving. Two small chromium-plated nozzles mounted on the cowl just in front of the windshield wipers are the only external parts, the glass jar used as a reservoir for clear water being mounted under the hood. The fountain is operated by vacuum, two jets thrown against the windshield removing dust, rain spots, mud and insects.

  1. nlpnt says: April 10, 20087:08 am

    What a crazy idea- NEVER catch on, I’ll tell you!

    Seriously, though, I can’t imagine driving a car under today’s speeds and conditions without a windshield washer! (Shouldn’t this be under “Origins” too, Charlie?)

  2. Charlie says: April 10, 20089:21 am

    nlpnt » Good point. I added it.

  3. Rick Auricchio says: April 10, 20084:27 pm

    I always liked the old VW-bug low-tech mechanism. Air pressure from the spare tire was used. A cutoff valve prevented the spare from deflating below its usable pressure.

  4. Sonatta says: April 10, 20085:49 pm

    now i’m curious to know how was it before the washer…

  5. jmyint says: April 10, 20086:06 pm

    I’ve had a few old cars that didn’t have washers, it sucked. A friend of my had a VW micro bus that had a squeeze bulb for the washer.

  6. Mark says: April 12, 20089:10 am

    Wow, I had forgotten all about the bulb type. My family had an old RV that had a bulb mounted on the floor that you had to step on with your left foot to pump water; though the previous owner had bypassed it and installed an electric pump but it was still interesting.

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