Winston’s FILTER-BLEND up front is packed for pleasure! (Apr, 1960)

Winston’s FILTER-BLEND up front is packed for pleasure!

Sure, most filter cigarettes look alike. But there the resemblance ends. Winston is different. Winston has both a modern filter and Filter-Blend—choice, golden tobaccos specially selected and specially processed for filter smoking. That’s why, more folks find it fun to smoke Winston than any other filter cigarette. How about you? Next time you buy cigarettes, ask for Winston.

WINSTON TASTES GOOD like a cigarette should!

  1. Rick Auricchio says: June 3, 20089:36 am

    Cigarettes are the perfect thing, both for her high-altitude skiing and his diving.

    I presume since they’re going in different directions that they’re not married. She may be indicating one reason she plans to divorce her current husband…

  2. Slim says: June 3, 200810:04 am

    I kind of miss cigarette advertisements. At least they weren’t as irritating as the pill pushers we’re bombarded with now.

  3. Tracy B. says: June 3, 200812:43 pm

    Winstons taste good like YOUR cigarette should

  4. Bob says: June 3, 20087:20 pm

    It seems to me that for many years, advertising agencies best efforts went to cigarette ads. I don’t miss the ads, though. I lost several relatives to smoking related issues, and I quit a two pack a day habit over twenty five years ago.

    When I started smoking, Winston was the brand of choice among us kids. They sponsored a lot of TV shows that kids would be inclined to watch (including The Flintstones in it’s first season!).

  5. Blurgle says: June 3, 20088:28 pm

    So that’s how Samantha and Darrin met!

  6. Baron Waste says: June 4, 200810:51 am

    I call Rick Auricchio’s comment for the win.

    — I mean, what the heck is she doing? Maybe that’s actually Cinnamon Carter from Mission Impossible, the ‘cigarette’ is plastique – and the door is about to be history.

  7. beagledad says: June 5, 20083:43 pm

    So, what exactly IS Ms. White Mountain doing? Checking to see how the fella’s manhood measures up? He looks mighty concerned about her evaluation. Maybe that’s why he’s getting on the train south for a little frog-gigging, instead of heading north for some fluffy winter fun.

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